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CMS Blue Button 2.0
CMS Blue Button 2.0

Blue Button 2.0 API Resources

Resources and sample applications for the Blue Button 2.0 API.


FHIR R4 (v2) documentation Updated 08/23/2021

Instructions for understanding and using the CMS Blue Button 2.0 v2 API

API documentation

Swagger documentation to try out the API

STU3 (v1) documentation (outdated)

This is the STU3 (v1) documentation for the Blue Button API. STU3 is only intended for applications who began development prior to July 01, 2021. Please consider utilizing the FHIR R4 (v2) implementation of the Blue Button API.

Implementation guide

The Implementation Guide (IG) resource is a single resource that defines the logical content of the IG, along with the important entry pages into the publication, so that the logical package that the IG represents, so that the contents are computable.

Sample applications

Node.js & React sample application Updated 11/09/2021

A sample application using React, Node.js and the Blue Button 2.0 API.

Python & React sample application Updated 11/16/2021

Learn how to get up and running with React, Python and the Blue Button 2.0 API.

Rails sample application

Learn how to get up and running with Ruby on Rails and the Blue Button 2.0 API.