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CMS Blue Button 2.0
CMS Blue Button 2.0

CMS Blue Button 2.0

Blue Button 2.0 is a standards-based application programming interface (API) that delivers Medicare Part A, B, and D data for over 60 million people with Medicare.

Medicare claims data at your fingertips.

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For Developers

Explore the developer sandbox to build amazing tools and services with the Blue Button 2.0 API.

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For Organizations

Discover how your company or organization could use Blue Button 2.0.

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For People with Medicare

Learn about Medicare's Blue Button & find apps you can use.

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Value for Organizations

What does Blue Button 2.0 allow you to do?

Whether you are a health plan market place, a non-profit research organization, or a healthcare startup - integration with Blue Button 2.0 provides value to organizations that deliver services to people with Medicare.

People with Medicare can allow access to their data, which can improve data accuracy and efficiency over manual data entry. Faster, more accurate data can lead to better service recommendations and health outcomes for beneficiaries.

Learn more about using Blue Button 2.0, or go ahead and create your Sandbox account to explore our sample data.

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Value for people with Medicare

What does Blue Button 2.0 allow you to do?

Blue Button 2.0 allows you to share your data with third-party applications, doctors, research programs, and more! It also gives beneficiaries and their caregivers more options and control over their claims data.

Our team is working on new features that allow people with Medicare to have more control over the types of data third-party applications can see and use.

Follow the link below to learn about the third-party applications using Blue Button.

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