Blue Button 2.0 is a standards-based application programming interface (API) that delivers Medicare Part A, B, and D data for over 60 million Medicare beneficiaries. Claims and enrollment data is available from May 2014.

The Blue Button 2.0 API uses the HL7 FHIR standard for beneficiary data and the OAuth 2.0 standard for beneficiary authorization.

Getting started

You can get started on building your integration with the Blue Button 2.0 API by following these steps:

Value and Use Cases

Developers integrate with the Blue Button 2.0 API adding value for beneficiaries, providers, care organizations, researchers and many more across Healthcare and Life Sciences to:

Reduce patient burden

A research organization can pre-populate a medication lists for a patient during clinical trial enrollment.

Streamline information about different kinds of care over time

A primary care physician can access information on other patient care (e.g. related to behavioral health) to better inform treatment.

Uncover new insights that can improve health outcomes

A pharmacy can determine if a beneficiary gets healthier over time due to medication adherence.

Access and monitor health information in one place

A health application can aggregate data into a health dashboard for beneficiaries.


The Blue Button 2.0 API Google Group is where developers can ask questions, find answers, leave feedback and share experiences using the API. Visit the Blue Button 2.0 API Google Group.

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