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BBDC18 Roadmap Q&A

Over the past several weeks the Blue Button 2.0 team had been reviewing feedback from our developer community about new features you would like to be added to the API.

Blue Button 2.0 Implementation Guide

The Blue Button team is continually working to improve the Blue Button 2.0 API and the supporting documentation. When the API was announced at HIMSS in March 2018 it created a lot of interest. That interest came not just from developers wanting to connect to the API and work with the data it contains, but also from other organizations around the healthcare industry, such as insurers and Medicaid agencies. For the latter category of technologists there is significant interest in how The Blue Button team built the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) records that hold the beneficiaries’ data.

Install a Node.js Application

As we prepared to launch our Production Blue Button 2.0 API we wanted to test the API from the perspective of a third-party client application.