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Name:Line Berenson-Eggers Type of Service (BETOS) Code

The Berenson-Eggers type of service (BETOS) for the procedure code based on generally agreed upon clinically meaningful groupings of procedures and services. This field is included as a line item on the non-institutional claim. Source:

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Line Berenson-Eggers Type of Service (BETOS) Code

The Berenson-Eggers type of service (BETOS) for the procedure code based on generally agreed upon clinically meaningful groupings of procedures and services. This field is included as a line item on the non-institutional claim. Source:

This value set includes codes from the following code systems:


This value set contains 106 concepts

Expansion based on version 1.1.1

All codes from system

M1AOffice visits - newOffice visits - new
M1BOffice visits - establishedOffice visits - established
M2AHospital visit - initialHospital visit - initial
M2BHospital visit - subsequentHospital visit - subsequent
M2CHospital visit - critical careHospital visit - critical care
M3Emergency room visitEmergency room visit
M4AHome visitHome visit
M4BNursing home visitNursing home visit
M5ASpecialist - pathologySpecialist - pathology
M5BSpecialist - psychiatrySpecialist - psychiatry
M5CSpecialist - ophthalmologySpecialist - ophthalmology
M5DSpecialist - otherSpecialist - other
P1AMajor procedure - breastMajor procedure - breast
P1BMajor procedure - colectomyMajor procedure - colectomy
P1CMajor procedure - cholecystectomyMajor procedure - cholecystectomy
P1DMajor procedure - turpMajor procedure - turp
P1EMajor procedure - hysterectomyMajor procedure - hysterectomy
P1FMajor procedure - explor/decompr/excisdiscMajor procedure - explor/decompr/excisdisc
P1GMajor procedure - OtherMajor procedure - Other
P2AMajor procedure, cardiovascular-CABGMajor procedure, cardiovascular-CABG
P2BMajor procedure, cardiovascular-Aneurysm repairMajor procedure, cardiovascular-Aneurysm repair
P2CMajor Procedure, cardiovascular-ThromboendarterectomyMajor Procedure, cardiovascular-Thromboendarterectomy
P2DMajor procedure, cardiovascualr-Coronary angioplasty (PTCA)Major procedure, cardiovascualr-Coronary angioplasty (PTCA)
P2EMajor procedure, cardiovascular-Pacemaker insertionMajor procedure, cardiovascular-Pacemaker insertion
P2FMajor procedure, cardiovascular-OtherMajor procedure, cardiovascular-Other
P3AMajor procedure, orthopedic - Hip fracture repairMajor procedure, orthopedic - Hip fracture repair
P3BMajor procedure, orthopedic - Hip replacementMajor procedure, orthopedic - Hip replacement
P3CMajor procedure, orthopedic - Knee replacementMajor procedure, orthopedic - Knee replacement
P3DMajor procedure, orthopedic - otherMajor procedure, orthopedic - other
P4AEye procedure - corneal transplantEye procedure - corneal transplant
P4BEye procedure - cataract removal/lens insertionEye procedure - cataract removal/lens insertion
P4CEye procedure - retinal detachmentEye procedure - retinal detachment
P4DEye procedure - treatment of retinal lesionsEye procedure - treatment of retinal lesions
P4EEye procedure - otherEye procedure - other
P5AAmbulatory procedures - skinAmbulatory procedures - skin
P5BAmbulatory procedures - musculoskeletalAmbulatory procedures - musculoskeletal
P5CAmbulatory procedures - inguinal hernia repairAmbulatory procedures - inguinal hernia repair
P5DAmbulatory procedures - lithotripsyAmbulatory procedures - lithotripsy
P5EAmbulatory procedures - otherAmbulatory procedures - other
P6AMinor procedures - skinMinor procedures - skin
P6BMinor procedures - musculoskeletalMinor procedures - musculoskeletal
P6CMinor procedures - other (Medicare fee schedule)Minor procedures - other (Medicare fee schedule)
P6DMinor procedures - other (non-Medicare fee schedule)Minor procedures - other (non-Medicare fee schedule)
P7AOncology - radiation therapyOncology - radiation therapy
P7BOncology - otherOncology - other
P8AEndoscopy - arthroscopyEndoscopy - arthroscopy
P8BEndoscopy - upper gastrointestinalEndoscopy - upper gastrointestinal
P8CEndoscopy - sigmoidoscopyEndoscopy - sigmoidoscopy
P8DEndoscopy - colonoscopyEndoscopy - colonoscopy
P8EEndoscopy - cystoscopyEndoscopy - cystoscopy
P8FEndoscopy - bronchoscopyEndoscopy - bronchoscopy
P8GEndoscopy - laparoscopic cholecystectomyEndoscopy - laparoscopic cholecystectomy
P8HEndoscopy - laryngoscopyEndoscopy - laryngoscopy
P8IEndoscopy - otherEndoscopy - other
P9ADialysis services (Medicare fee schedule)Dialysis services (Medicare fee schedule)
P9BDialysis services (non-Medicare fee schedule)Dialysis services (non-Medicare fee schedule)
I1AStandard imaging - chestStandard imaging - chest
I1BStandard imaging - musculoskeletalStandard imaging - musculoskeletal
I1CStandard imaging - breastStandard imaging - breast
I1DStandard imaging - contrast gastrointestinalStandard imaging - contrast gastrointestinal
I1EStandard imaging - nuclear medicineStandard imaging - nuclear medicine
I1FStandard imaging - otherStandard imaging - other
I2AAdvanced imaging - CAT/CT/CTA: brain/head/neckAdvanced imaging - CAT/CT/CTA: brain/head/neck
I2BAdvanced imaging - CAT/CT/CTA: otherAdvanced imaging - CAT/CT/CTA: other
I2CAdvanced imaging - MRI/MRA: brain/head/neckAdvanced imaging - MRI/MRA: brain/head/neck
I2DAdvanced imaging - MRI/MRA: otherAdvanced imaging - MRI/MRA: other
I3AEchography/ultrasonography - eyeEchography/ultrasonography - eye
I3BEchography/ultrasonography - abdomen/pelvisEchography/ultrasonography - abdomen/pelvis
I3CEchography/ultrasonography - heartEchography/ultrasonography - heart
I3DEchography/ultrasonography - carotid arteriesEchography/ultrasonography - carotid arteries
I3EEchography/ultrasonography - prostate, transrectalEchography/ultrasonography - prostate, transrectal
I3FEchography/ultrasonography - otherEchography/ultrasonography - other
I4AImaging/procedure - heart including cardiac catheterizationImaging/procedure - heart including cardiac catheterization
I4BImaging/procedure - otherImaging/procedure - other
T1ALab tests - routine venipuncture (non-Medicare fee schedule)Lab tests - routine venipuncture (non-Medicare fee schedule)
T1BLab tests - automated general profilesLab tests - automated general profiles
T1CLab tests - urinalysisLab tests - urinalysis
T1DLab tests - blood countsLab tests - blood counts
T1ELab tests - glucoseLab tests - glucose
T1FLab tests - bacterial culturesLab tests - bacterial cultures
T1GLab tests - other (Medicare fee schedule)Lab tests - other (Medicare fee schedule)
T1HLab tests - other (non-Medicare fee schedule)Lab tests - other (non-Medicare fee schedule)
T2AOther tests - electrocardiogramsOther tests - electrocardiograms
T2BOther tests - cardiovascular stress testsOther tests - cardiovascular stress tests
T2COther tests - EKG monitoringOther tests - EKG monitoring
T2DOther tests - otherOther tests - other
D1AMedical/surgical suppliesMedical/surgical supplies
D1BHospital bedsHospital beds
D1COxygen and suppliesOxygen and supplies
D1EOther DMEOther DME
D1FProsthetic/Orthotic devicesProsthetic/Orthotic devices
D1GDrugs Administered through DMEDrugs Administered through DME
O1CEnteral and parenteralEnteral and parenteral
O1EOther drugsOther drugs
O1FHearing and speech servicesHearing and speech services
Y1Other - Medicare fee scheduleOther - Medicare fee schedule
Y2Other - non-Medicare fee scheduleOther - non-Medicare fee schedule
Z1Local codesLocal codes
Z2Undefined codesUndefined codes