Blue Button 2.0 Implementation Guide

CodeSystem: betos-cd

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Line Berenson-Eggers Type of Service (BETOS) Code

The Berenson-Eggers type of service (BETOS) for the procedure code based on generally agreed upon clinically meaningful groupings of procedures and services. This field is included as a line item on the non-institutional claim. Source:

This code system defines the following codes:

M1A Office visits - newOffice visits - new
M1B Office visits - establishedOffice visits - established
M2A Hospital visit - initialHospital visit - initial
M2B Hospital visit - subsequentHospital visit - subsequent
M2C Hospital visit - critical careHospital visit - critical care
M3 Emergency room visitEmergency room visit
M4A Home visitHome visit
M4B Nursing home visitNursing home visit
M5A Specialist - pathologySpecialist - pathology
M5B Specialist - psychiatrySpecialist - psychiatry
M5C Specialist - ophthalmologySpecialist - ophthalmology
M5D Specialist - otherSpecialist - other
M6 ConsultationsConsultations
P0 AnesthesiaAnesthesia
P1A Major procedure - breastMajor procedure - breast
P1B Major procedure - colectomyMajor procedure - colectomy
P1C Major procedure - cholecystectomyMajor procedure - cholecystectomy
P1D Major procedure - turpMajor procedure - turp
P1E Major procedure - hysterectomyMajor procedure - hysterectomy
P1F Major procedure - explor/decompr/excisdiscMajor procedure - explor/decompr/excisdisc
P1G Major procedure - OtherMajor procedure - Other
P2A Major procedure, cardiovascular-CABGMajor procedure, cardiovascular-CABG
P2B Major procedure, cardiovascular-Aneurysm repairMajor procedure, cardiovascular-Aneurysm repair
P2C Major Procedure, cardiovascular-ThromboendarterectomyMajor Procedure, cardiovascular-Thromboendarterectomy
P2D Major procedure, cardiovascualr-Coronary angioplasty (PTCA)Major procedure, cardiovascualr-Coronary angioplasty (PTCA)
P2E Major procedure, cardiovascular-Pacemaker insertionMajor procedure, cardiovascular-Pacemaker insertion
P2F Major procedure, cardiovascular-OtherMajor procedure, cardiovascular-Other
P3A Major procedure, orthopedic - Hip fracture repairMajor procedure, orthopedic - Hip fracture repair
P3B Major procedure, orthopedic - Hip replacementMajor procedure, orthopedic - Hip replacement
P3C Major procedure, orthopedic - Knee replacementMajor procedure, orthopedic - Knee replacement
P3D Major procedure, orthopedic - otherMajor procedure, orthopedic - other
P4A Eye procedure - corneal transplantEye procedure - corneal transplant
P4B Eye procedure - cataract removal/lens insertionEye procedure - cataract removal/lens insertion
P4C Eye procedure - retinal detachmentEye procedure - retinal detachment
P4D Eye procedure - treatment of retinal lesionsEye procedure - treatment of retinal lesions
P4E Eye procedure - otherEye procedure - other
P5A Ambulatory procedures - skinAmbulatory procedures - skin
P5B Ambulatory procedures - musculoskeletalAmbulatory procedures - musculoskeletal
P5C Ambulatory procedures - inguinal hernia repairAmbulatory procedures - inguinal hernia repair
P5D Ambulatory procedures - lithotripsyAmbulatory procedures - lithotripsy
P5E Ambulatory procedures - otherAmbulatory procedures - other
P6A Minor procedures - skinMinor procedures - skin
P6B Minor procedures - musculoskeletalMinor procedures - musculoskeletal
P6C Minor procedures - other (Medicare fee schedule)Minor procedures - other (Medicare fee schedule)
P6D Minor procedures - other (non-Medicare fee schedule)Minor procedures - other (non-Medicare fee schedule)
P7A Oncology - radiation therapyOncology - radiation therapy
P7B Oncology - otherOncology - other
P8A Endoscopy - arthroscopyEndoscopy - arthroscopy
P8B Endoscopy - upper gastrointestinalEndoscopy - upper gastrointestinal
P8C Endoscopy - sigmoidoscopyEndoscopy - sigmoidoscopy
P8D Endoscopy - colonoscopyEndoscopy - colonoscopy
P8E Endoscopy - cystoscopyEndoscopy - cystoscopy
P8F Endoscopy - bronchoscopyEndoscopy - bronchoscopy
P8G Endoscopy - laparoscopic cholecystectomyEndoscopy - laparoscopic cholecystectomy
P8H Endoscopy - laryngoscopyEndoscopy - laryngoscopy
P8I Endoscopy - otherEndoscopy - other
P9A Dialysis services (Medicare fee schedule)Dialysis services (Medicare fee schedule)
P9B Dialysis services (non-Medicare fee schedule)Dialysis services (non-Medicare fee schedule)
I1A Standard imaging - chestStandard imaging - chest
I1B Standard imaging - musculoskeletalStandard imaging - musculoskeletal
I1C Standard imaging - breastStandard imaging - breast
I1D Standard imaging - contrast gastrointestinalStandard imaging - contrast gastrointestinal
I1E Standard imaging - nuclear medicineStandard imaging - nuclear medicine
I1F Standard imaging - otherStandard imaging - other
I2A Advanced imaging - CAT/CT/CTA: brain/head/neckAdvanced imaging - CAT/CT/CTA: brain/head/neck
I2B Advanced imaging - CAT/CT/CTA: otherAdvanced imaging - CAT/CT/CTA: other
I2C Advanced imaging - MRI/MRA: brain/head/neckAdvanced imaging - MRI/MRA: brain/head/neck
I2D Advanced imaging - MRI/MRA: otherAdvanced imaging - MRI/MRA: other
I3A Echography/ultrasonography - eyeEchography/ultrasonography - eye
I3B Echography/ultrasonography - abdomen/pelvisEchography/ultrasonography - abdomen/pelvis
I3C Echography/ultrasonography - heartEchography/ultrasonography - heart
I3D Echography/ultrasonography - carotid arteriesEchography/ultrasonography - carotid arteries
I3E Echography/ultrasonography - prostate, transrectalEchography/ultrasonography - prostate, transrectal
I3F Echography/ultrasonography - otherEchography/ultrasonography - other
I4A Imaging/procedure - heart including cardiac catheterizationImaging/procedure - heart including cardiac catheterization
I4B Imaging/procedure - otherImaging/procedure - other
T1A Lab tests - routine venipuncture (non-Medicare fee schedule)Lab tests - routine venipuncture (non-Medicare fee schedule)
T1B Lab tests - automated general profilesLab tests - automated general profiles
T1C Lab tests - urinalysisLab tests - urinalysis
T1D Lab tests - blood countsLab tests - blood counts
T1E Lab tests - glucoseLab tests - glucose
T1F Lab tests - bacterial culturesLab tests - bacterial cultures
T1G Lab tests - other (Medicare fee schedule)Lab tests - other (Medicare fee schedule)
T1H Lab tests - other (non-Medicare fee schedule)Lab tests - other (non-Medicare fee schedule)
T2A Other tests - electrocardiogramsOther tests - electrocardiograms
T2B Other tests - cardiovascular stress testsOther tests - cardiovascular stress tests
T2C Other tests - EKG monitoringOther tests - EKG monitoring
T2D Other tests - otherOther tests - other
D1A Medical/surgical suppliesMedical/surgical supplies
D1B Hospital bedsHospital beds
D1C Oxygen and suppliesOxygen and supplies
D1D WheelchairsWheelchairs
D1E Other DMEOther DME
D1F Prosthetic/Orthotic devicesProsthetic/Orthotic devices
D1G Drugs Administered through DMEDrugs Administered through DME
O1A AmbulanceAmbulance
O1B ChiropracticChiropractic
O1C Enteral and parenteralEnteral and parenteral
O1D ChemotherapyChemotherapy
O1E Other drugsOther drugs
O1F Hearing and speech servicesHearing and speech services
O1G Immunizations/VaccinationsImmunizations/Vaccinations
Y1 Other - Medicare fee scheduleOther - Medicare fee schedule
Y2 Other - non-Medicare fee scheduleOther - non-Medicare fee schedule
Z1 Local codesLocal codes
Z2 Undefined codesUndefined codes