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A question that has come up on a number of occasions has been how to authenticate to the API when a developer first starts working with the Blue Button 2.0 API because it requires authentication and authorization using the OAuth2.0 protocol.

We have updated the Developer Documentation to make Step 5 - Accessing Synthetic Data easier to understand.

The problem appears to be that if you attempt to authenticate by going directly to the authentication will fail. Instead you should login by going to

Here is the new Step 5 from the Developer Documentation. Give it a try and let us know if we can make the steps more bulletproof.

Step 5: Accessing Synthetic Data In order to access the full synthetic dataset, you can do the following:

  1. Set up your sandbox application
  2. Log out of
  3. Access the authorization url at

    Note: The last backslash is important. Also remember to append ?client_id={your client_id asigned to the application you registered}

  4. You will be redirected to the Medicare authentication screen on. DO NOT ACCESS THIS PAGE DIRECTLY.
  5. Use one of thirty thousand provided usernames and passwords.

    The first user is BBUser00000, with password PW00000!, and these sample users continue all the way to BBUser29999, with password PW29999!.

    Note: the ! at the end of the password is required.

  6. Approve access for your application, which will now receive an access token, which can be used in the requests described above.

  7. The authorization completes when you are redirected back to the Redirect_URI you specified when you registered your application.

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