The Blue Button 2.0 team is continually working to improve the Blue Button 2.0 API and the supporting documentation. When the API was announced at HIMSS in March 2018 it created a lot of interest. That interest came not just from developers wanting to connect to the API and work with the data it contains, but also from other organizations around the healthcare industry, such as insurers and Medicaid agencies. For the latter category of technologists there is significant interest in how The Blue Button 2.0 team built the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) records that hold the beneficiaries’ data.

FHIR Implementation Guides

FHIR is as much a community as it is a specification. The community shares information about how a solution has been built by creating an Implementation Guide. The Blue Button 2.0 Team has created a FHIR Implementation Guide to document how we have used FHIR resources in the API.

Resources and Profiles

When the FHIR community creates FHIR Resources they are designed to be flexible enough to allow them to be used in many different systems across the world. When it comes to implementing a FHIR Resource, a community such as US Payers, may agree to a more tightly defined implementation of the Resource. This may make particular fields mandatory and may require specific code sets be used. e.g. ICD-10, SNOMED etc. This tighter definition of FHIR Resources are called profiles. Profiles can also include extensions (specially coded additional fields and values).

Blue Button 2.0 Implementation Guide

A draft of the Blue Button 2.0 Implementation Guide (BB2IG) is now available as part of the Blue Button 2.0 Developer Documentation site.

We are integrating the Implementation Guide into the documentation. If you want to get a preview of the guide check this link: Blue Button 2.0 Implementation Guide.

What is in the Implementation Guide?

The BB2IG documents structure definitions for the following resources:

  • Blue Button 2.0 Patient Profile
  • Blue Button 2.0 Carrier Claim Profile
  • Blue Button 2.0 DME Claim Profile
  • Blue Button 2.0 HHA Claim Profile
  • Blue Button 2.0 Hospice Claim Profile
  • Blue Button 2.0 Inpatient Claim Profile
  • Blue Button 2.0 Outpatient Claim Profile
  • Blue Button 2.0 Part D Event Profile
  • Blue Button 2.0 SNF Claim Profile
  • We welcome feedback on this guide. As always head over to the Google Developer Group for Blue Button 2.0 API and leave us your comments.

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