Over the past several weeks the Blue Button 2.0 team had been reviewing feedback from our developer community about new features you would like to be added to the API.

To address your comments more globally, we intend to add your feedback and our answers to a new Q&A section of our documentation site at https://bluebutton.cms.gov. In the meantime, rather than wait on the addition of a Q&A section to our site we wanted to give you the latest information as soon as possible.

In this blog post we will answer questions raised thus far.

Q: Will test accounts be added to the Production API?

A: Yes. We are adding a pool of synthetic beneficiaries and their claims from the sandbox environment to our production API. This means that when your app is approved for production access you can use the synthetic beneficiary accounts to validate your app in production. Stay tuned, this will be announced in a future blog post.

Q: Will we add Medicaid data to the Blue Button 2.0 API?

A: At this time we have no plans to add Medicaid data to the Blue Button 2.0 API.

Q: Blue Button 2.0 currently only includes the National Drug Code for a drug. Will descriptions be added to explain these codes?

A: Yes. We are in the process of adding drug code descriptions to the Blue Button 2.0 API. These descriptions will be located in each FHIR Coding element’s “display” field and will include the drug’s proprietary name and its substance name.

Q: Will descriptions for other coding systems be added to the Blue Button 2.0 API?

A: Yes. Once we complete work on adding the National Drug Code we plan to move on to add brief human-readable descriptions for some of the other coding systems used in the Blue Button 2.0 API’s claims data. This includes: ICD diagnosis and procedure codes, HCPCS Level I and Level II codes, and perhaps others.

Q: How can provenance of data transferred by the Blue Button 2.0 API be assured?

A: The Blue Button 2.0 Team is committed to building a Developer-friendly, standards-based API. As such we would like to see a common industry-solution to data provenance.
There are some examples that could be followed. The Veterans Administration in conjunction with the US Post Office did some work to apply a checksum to data received. This type of method could be considered for wider adoption.

As always, we value your feedback on our Google Group support forum as we continue working to improve the Blue Button 2.0 API.

If you have questions, or comments, let us know.

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