Blue Button 2.0 Implementation Guide
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Name:Information Categories

Information Categories

Source ResourceXML / JSON / Turtle
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Information Categories

Information Categories

This value set includes codes from the following code systems:


This value set contains 21 concepts

Expansion based on version 1.1.1

All codes from system

daw-prod-slctn-cdDispense as Written (DAW) Product Selection Code
dspnsng-stus-cdDispensing Status Code
drug-cvrg-stus-cdDrug Coverage Status Code
adjstmt-dltn-cdAdjustment Deletion Code
nstd-frmt-cdNon-Standard Format Code
prcng-excptn-cdPricing Exception Code
ctstrphc-cvrg-cdCatastrophic Coverage Code
rx-orgn-cdPrescription Origination Code
brnd-gnrc-cdBrand-Generic Code Reported by Submitting Plan
phrmcy-srvc-type-cdPharmacy service type code
ptnt-rsdnc-cdPatient Residence Code
submsn-clr-cdSubmission clarification code
nch-ptnt-stus-ind-cdNCH Patient Status Indicator Code
clm-ip-admsn-type-cdClaim Inpatient Admission Type Code
clm-src-ip-admsn-cdClaim Source Inpatient Admission Code
clm-mco-pd-swClaim MCO Paid Switch
clm-freq-cdClaim Frequency Code
ptnt-dschrg-stus-cdPatient Discharge Status Code
nch-prmry-pyr-cdNCH Primary Payer Code (if not Medicare)
clm-hha-lupa-ind-cdClaim HHA Low Utilization Payment Adjustment (LUPA) Indicator Code
clm-hha-rfrl-cdPhysician referral - The patient was admitted upon the recommendation of a personal physician